Seeking Part Time Math Teacher

NMSS Seeks a Part-Time Math Teacher for the 2021-2022 School Year
INTERESTED? Please call/email Samantha Navarro (310) 999-6162 /


  • Preferably 1+ years of full-time Math teaching experience, at the high school level, in an urban setting.
  • A valid California single subject Math teaching credential or verification of University Intern Eligibility.
  • Strong technology and data analysis skills.
  • Demonstrated results improving student achievement among high need students.

Lesson Planning and Instruction:

  • Develop and maintains lessons that are differentiated to reflect the needs of individuals students.
  • Develops lesson plans that correspond to the California State Content Standards and Common Core State Standards for their content area.
  • Develop and implement subject specific standards based rubrics for student assessment and grading.
  • Work with school administration to ensure that teacher methods are directed towards meeting or surpassing standards.
  • Foster a safe and nurturing learning environment.
  • Create an effective learning environment conducive to learning and student achievement, organize classroom systems/procedures, and manage student behavior to ensure that all students fully engage in learning.
  • Use a variety of teaching strategies to engage students in student-centered learning.
  • Work collaborative with peers to meet the needs of all students.
  • Use a wide range of data to make instructional decisions and demonstrate student progress to mastery of content standards.
School Culture: 
  • Communicate with all school stakeholders (e.g. parents, students, staff, school board, and other community members as needed.)
  • Build mutually respectful relationships with all stakeholders (e.g. parents, students, staff, school board, and other community members as needed.)
  • Demonstrate support and knowledge of school’s vision and mission.
  • Implement and practice PBIS strategies in the classroom.
  • Be well versed in Restorative Practices and able to implement Restorative Practices in the classroom setting.

Professional Educator and Leadership:

  • Continuously build professional knowledge by participating in a wide range of professional development opportunities.
  • Reflect on teach practices, assess professional progress, and identify areas for professional growth.
  • Collaborate with colleagues to plan instruction, analyze student work, and discuss new learning approaches.
Student Achievement: 
  • NMSS is a Standards Based Grading school
  • Use multiple sources of data to demonstrate student achievement and growth, develop reassessment plans, and develop both long and short terms goals and objectives.

Classroom Management/Attendance:

  • Set and communicate academic and behavioral expectations to all stakeholders.
  • Prepare detailed substitute lessons in absence
  • Attends and participates in school-wide activities and meetings.
  • Is detailed oriented and follows time guidelines/submission deadlines when tracking student grades, achievement, growth, attendance, behavior logs.
  • Demonstrates capacity for time management in regards to class preparation, lesson planning, and assessing content.